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18th of September 2018 08:15 AM Link
Hmm, maybe I need to rethink my marketing strategy.
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17th of September 2018 07:50 AM Link
I’m always surprised when I find people haven’t heard of the books or the tv series.
14th of September 2018 11:31 PM Link
I tried to like it. I can take the magic and even changing the story, but please make an effort to get the clothing right. I mean, even Monty Python did a better job with costumes. Take 1,000 years of clothes styles, stir, and scatter. 5/10
14th of September 2018 11:28 PM Link
Better than I expected 8/10
7th of September 2018 07:53 PM
Trying to make my writing better. Thought I'd change "He was ready to flee" to "He itched to flee."
Uh, no. 😀
6th of September 2018 11:50 PM Link
Some good stuff from Scott Montgomery and Craig Johnson.
5th of September 2018 08:26 AM Link
Worthy historical mysteries!
4th of September 2018 11:41 PM Link
Congratulations to John Kevin Smith! You won a copy of Lone Star Lawless. I'll be contacting you soon.
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3rd of September 2018 07:27 AM Link
Good movie. Makes you think. 9/10
1st of September 2018 09:19 PM Link
Black Mirror, episode White Bear. Man, that was pretty good.



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Austin Mystery Writers

I Love You, Peter Guillam…Thoughts on Point of View

Originally posted on Writing Wranglers and Warriors:
 Written by Helen Currie Foster ? Okay, I’m addicted to John Le Carré. I’ve repeatedly re-read his “Smiley Trilogy.”  As you may know (but no spoilers), the seminal Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy tells us how George Smiley unmasked a mole in the British secret service (the “Circus”). Remember…






Writer Unboxed

Wait, What?

Wait, What?

Last May, the opening scene I edited raised a lot of questions – about the characters, their relationships, their backstory – without answering them right away. Of course, no opening scene can tell you everything at once, but this one put questions out there and then moved on, leaving readers hanging.  This led one commentator […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:


Scott Von Doviak’s Charlesgate Confidential is a one-of-a-kind read, with three storylines of different periods in Boston’s Charlesgate building that affect one another. Von Doviak binds them together with a liberal use of the city’s history and lore. Scott will beat BookPeople along with Edwin Hill (Little Comfort) Saturday September 22nd at 6pm to discuss […]





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