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20th of March 2019 07:54 PM Link
Finally got around to watching this show and now binge watching before Netflix stops streaming on the first of April. Idris!!!
20th of March 2019 10:59 AM Link
Yup. When people read my novel they say, “Too many rattlesnakes. Your characters are having to deal with them all the time.” Well you know what? That’s life in West Texas.
18th of March 2019 07:46 PM Link
I’ve read 42 of these and seen many as movies. 👍
18th of March 2019 09:53 AM Link
I didn’t know she kissed a ring before going into battle. The design is interesting.
15th of March 2019 10:49 AM Link
I agree wholeheartedly. Mark Pryor, Author, very good!
15th of March 2019 10:07 AM Link
Excellent movie. Rex Harrison was so young! 10/10 Night Train to Munich
14th of March 2019 10:52 PM Link
I’m liking this show but you can’t pay attention to details or you’ll hate it. Like a guy playing electric guitar when there’s no electricity or they say they’re starving and they’re standing in a wheat field. But hey, they have cool things like zombies caught in tornadoes. “At least they aren’t sharks.”
Bloody but funny.
9th of March 2019 11:24 AM Link
Yes, happy tears. Stories can be magic and reach through time and space and connect people.
8th of March 2019 09:40 PM Link
Today is World Book Day and people are sharing what they’re reading. This is a story I got for free when I got my first Kindle. I’ve finally gotten around to reading it. I’d never heard of it before. I’ve just started it but I’m enjoying it! She’s also the author of The Railway Children.
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8th of March 2019 08:18 PM Link
One of my favorites!
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Crawling Under the Porch

by M. K. Waller Previously posted on Ink Stained Wretches Last week, Fran Paino described how family obligations can keep a writer from writing. My post describes an experience that happened several years ago. It’s similar to Fran’s–and at the same time, very different.  *** In her book The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron  introduces the  Artist’s Date–a weekly solo […]






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Biting the Bullet — Tracking my Writing Habit

Biting the Bullet — Tracking my Writing Habit

I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer since I first held a pencil and figured out how to spell, both somewhere around the first grade. (I was a late bloomer.) Writing is as integral to my identity as my name or my face. Yet somehow this past year, I found myself not writing. Sure, I […]





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William Ard is an author mainly known to only the most avid genre followers. Dead from cancer by age thirty-seven in 1961, he wrote over forty books in the last ten years of his life. The fact that many of them were under pen names doomed him to further obscurity. Recently Stark House reprinted one […]





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