Ten Signs That You May Be an Author

Ten signs you may be an author:

1. You spend time downloading a word cloud app. and enter your book’s outline just to see what it will make.


word cloud for Gilt Ridden

2. You make mental notes of people who have wronged you so you can kill them off in your book.

3. It’s almost 4 and you are still in your pjs and you didn’t even know it. (And note to yourself that at least you took a shower last night, which you sometimes forget to do for days on end because you’re thinking of another place and time.)

4. You’ve spent hours researching seemingly unrelated topics such as Egyptian symbols, Hawaiian words, nautical lingo and laws, and pictures of Jason Momoa.




(Hey, I didn’t say the time was wasted!)

5. You type away at the keyboard, unaware that you are saying things like “Yes! Awesome!” and “Ohhh, that’s total crap!”

6. Keyboard pattern imprinted on forehead.

7. Family members walk in on you as you reenact fight scenes and they don’t think anything of it.

8. You yell at your family to eat leftovers for dinner because  you have something more important to do. You must get this story written tonight for your beta readers!

9. Your wrists ache and your butt is numb, but you must finish the work because you are a “professional” even though you’ve never earned a dime.

10. You waste time making top ten lists when you should be writing.


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