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26th of August 2019 04:01 PM Link
Oh yeah, that’s me.
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26th of August 2019 02:08 PM Link
25th of August 2019 08:46 AM Link
24th of August 2019 05:28 PM Link
So much so the alibi, “But I couldn’t have done it, I was in space!”
*still only accused, not convicted*
21st of August 2019 02:15 PM Link
I wonder where he was from? Don’t mess with West Texas folks.
16th of August 2019 08:50 PM
Season 2 of Mindhunter is on!
16th of August 2019 11:56 AM Link
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16th of August 2019 08:50 AM Link
13th of August 2019 01:48 PM
Eating out for lunch while I contemplate poisons for a story. Hmmmm
11th of August 2019 07:23 AM Link



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Austin Mystery Writers

Sharks: Who, Where, and How to Get Rid of Them

by Kathy Waller This is a shark: This shark does not live in the ocean. It lurks in bookstores, coffee shops, libraries: Disguised as an aspiring writer, it invades critique groups and, fueled by ego, envy, jealousy, and just plain mean-spiritedness, can do untold harm. Writer, instructor, and “genre-hopper” Maralys Wills describes its pernicious effect: […]






Writer Unboxed

Living The Dreamy Dreamland

Living The Dreamy Dreamland

We writers aren’t so unique, you know. It’s not the Writer who is especially unique—though we often in our self-indulgent brilliance think it is so—it is our personalities and tics and weirdnesses that are unique. Some of us are just a wee bit more cray or intense or discombobulated than others and if we happen […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:

What Meike Read Over the Summer

The outside temps have made it clear that summer is seemingly going to stay FOREVER, and what’s the best way to chill in the summer heat? You know it: flop down under the nearest ceiling fan and grab a book—one so riveting that you simply cannot leave that lovely breeze. Below are a few I’ve […]




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