About V.P. Chandler

V.P. Chandler grew up on the Texas Gulf coast, waking to the sounds of seagulls and doves every morning. If she wasn’t running barefooted in her neighborhood or learning music, she was reading a book and imagining stories of adventure and horror. She has a B.A. in Literature from Southwestern University and has been a paralegal, a teacher, and a West Texas rancher. She grew up in a family involved with the criminal justice system, (criminal justice professor, parole officer, pathologist, photographer, etc.), so thinking about the dark side of life is in her blood.

She’s a member of Austin Mystery Writers, an administrative assistant at Writer Unboxed and a moderator for its Facebook group.

When she’s not writing or reading, she’s working on the true crime podcast, The Dark Beat, with friend and suspense author, Alexandra Burt.

For more about published books, follow the Books tab. 

She can be contacted at info@vpchandler.com

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