Author In Progress: A No-Holds-Barred Guide To What It Really Takes To Get Published


I’m proud to have had a small part in this book about writing. It was a collaboration between Writer Digest and writers in the Writer Unboxed community. Here is a portion from the introduction written by the indomitable Therese Walsh.

“The team at Writer Unboxed has provided a guiding light on that well-traveled road for more than a decade now, publishing more than 3,500 essays and interviews about the craft of writing and the writing life. It’s our pleasure to shine that same light for you here, and it’s our hope that you’ll join us on our website and our Facebook group whenever you need to be reminded that you do not walk the road alone. So often Writer Unboxed community members say they read exactly what they needed to read, exactly when they needed to read it, on our site. We hope you get that sense time and again as you read these pages.”

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound. It has a soft-release date of November 1st, though many will receive pre-ordered books in mid-October. Consider, too, adding it to your ‘want to read’ shelf on Goodreads.


Review of Murder On Wheels in Mystery Scene Magazine




Murder on Wheels- Rota Fortunae    71QiKRIkj+L

Released April 2015. Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  My story in this collection is Rota Fortunae. A boy from London, Tim, stows away on a merchant ship headed to Charleston. An exotic tattooed man is held prisoner in the hold. Everyone on the ship is terrified of the man and Tim wants to know why. He couldn’t possibly be more dangerous than the blood-thirsty captain or the first mate, could he?
The eleven stories in Murder on Wheels put the pedal to the floor and never let up! Whether by bus, car, tractor, or bike, you’ll be carried along at a breakneck pace by the talented Austin Mystery Writers. These eight authors transport you from an eighteenth-century sailing ship to the open roads of modern Texas, from Alice’s Wonderland to a schoolbus yard in the suburbs of Dallas. Grab your book, hold on to your hat, and come along for the ride! (A portion of the proceeds will go to Meals On Wheels ) Add it to your Goodreads shelf! 


Gilt Ridden

My current work in progress.
It’s the modern story of former Texas debutante, Kay Stuart, who lives on a remote west Texas ranch riddled with rattlesnakes and scorpions. She finds a journal in the old dugout, written by a mysterious man, Josef Mueller, who lived there decades before. She gets drawn into the story of Josef’s life and wonders how he could have possibly lived in such a remote place.
Word flies through the nearby small town that Josef had inherited a treasure of gold and it’s still on the ranch. Strange accidents begin to happen and Kay is worried someone is out to hurt the Stuarts. Her husband and friends think she’s just a city girl not used to country life.
Between hunting rattlesnakes, and caring for her family, how can she find time to hunt for gold and find out if someone is really out to harm the them?

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