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22nd of April 2019 05:51 PM Link
We've all done it.
22nd of April 2019 05:32 PM Link
22nd of April 2019 05:15 PM Link
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21st of April 2019 01:49 PM Link
Good price!
20th of April 2019 07:59 PM Link
Books about Texas!
18th of April 2019 10:49 AM Link
Oh my gosh, yes!
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17th of April 2019 11:00 AM Link
Good article on Writers Helping Writers.
14th of April 2019 09:38 AM Link
Great concept. I can’t imagine the programming that went into it. You, the viewer, make decisions about the path he should take. Seamless execution, but ultimately very boring. No climax to the story, no satisfactory conclusions anywhere.
8th of April 2019 11:19 AM Link
Learn more about the Port Aransas library and how you can help. *hint, you can buy a book!*
5th of April 2019 10:26 AM Link
It’s all in the delivery.
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I’m a contributor at Austin Mystery Writers and I work behind the scenes at Writer Unboxed.



Austin Mystery Writers

A Review of The Secret Lives of Cats

by V.P. Chandler One thing I like about being in a book club is that I get a chance to read books that I hadn’t heard of. And since I hadn’t heard of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s story, The Secret Lives of Cats, I’m glad that it came to my attention and I had a good […]






Writer Unboxed

Finding the World Through Reading

Not long after high school graduation, I moved into a little house with my boyfriend. It crouched behind an apartment block and didn’t have much to distinguish itself, except that in the eighteen months I lived there, I grew into myself. In the spacious kitchen, I learned to cook. I owned a good camera for […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:

People Who Don’t Turn the Other Cheek: An Interview with Dylan & Drew Struzan, Author & Illustrator of A Bloody Business

A Bloody Business is a unique gangster epic in many ways. For one it is from the source of Jimmy “Blue Eyes” Alo, a retired mobster the author Dylan Struzan met in a nursing home. In his teens, at the dawn of Prohibition, he began working for Meyer Lansky and rose up through the ranks […]




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