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Austin Mystery Writers

Bad Men, Lawless, and BSP

Laura Oles celebrates doubly this month–today her debut novel, DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN, was released by Red Adept Publishing, just a week after Austin Mystery Writers’ LONE STAR LAWLESS, in which Laura’s story “Carry On Only” appears, was released by Wildside Press. Here’s what I posted about these publications at Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Laura […]




Writer Unboxed

Good Advice, Bad Advice: Writing through the “Shoulds”

How many posts can we read on writing advice? I’ve read hundreds, bought at least a dozen craft books, and, yet, I always come back for more. Why is that? I’m passionate about improving my craft, but also for me, it’s about inspiration. I’m always hoping to find a little nugget to light a fire […]



I follow Mystery People, my favortie store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening in the world of the mystery genre.

Mystery People:


When Hunter Kincaid and her partner, Gary follow the tracks of a single male for miles through the desert, they don’t expect to find the man lying face down with bullet holes in his back and head, and all fired from close range, especially when there are no other tracks, except his for as far […]


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23rd of April 2018 10:21 PM
Why yes, I was researching ancient literature to learn about clues to put in my West Texas mystery. 😀
23rd of April 2018 08:29 PM Link
I want to make this a book cover. LOL
Message image
17th of April 2018 10:49 AM Link
Great advice from my friend Laura Oles. (Now I just need to follow it!)
14th of April 2018 12:21 AM Link
Great writing. I’d love to try something like this some day. 4.5/5
12th of April 2018 12:28 PM Link
Interesting. Went about like I thought it would. 3.5/5
11th of April 2018 02:07 PM Link
Great book, good price!
10th of April 2018 06:56 AM Link
I remember the moment when I was in 6th grade when I realized I had been reading, but it felt like I had been watching a movie in my mind. It felt like magic. ❤️
Message image
6th of April 2018 11:57 PM Link
Better than I thought it’d be. I liked the structure of it. 3.5/5
4th of April 2018 07:53 PM Link
Silly and stupid but better than I thought it’d be. 3/5
3rd of April 2018 11:23 PM Link




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