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13th of October 2018 07:50 PM Link
This made my day! Our anthology, Lone Star Lawless, was mentioned in the October issue of Western Writers of America’s magazine, Roundup. And they mentioned me specifically! (Since my story is a western.) I couldn’t find an online version. I think it’s not available yet. I’ll be checking out the bookstores!
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11th of October 2018 09:41 PM
When leaning over a person/body that could possibly be infected with something highly contagious, keep your mouth closed! Or don’t do it! #watchingcreepymovie
10th of October 2018 03:14 PM Link
Watching the first season and it’s good and creepy, perfect for October. It’s not for the squeamish. Moves a little too slow for my taste, but I’m still interested.
9th of October 2018 06:21 PM Link
I know! Right?
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9th of October 2018 10:56 AM Link
7th of October 2018 08:14 AM Link
Some of my favorite writers.
6th of October 2018 09:59 AM Link
Shop at your local bookstore!
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6th of October 2018 07:59 AM
I tossed and turned all night long thinking about character development and plot line. None of my own, just the concepts. It was exhausting. No more drinking tea after 6. And I think I need to stay in and work on my book.
4th of October 2018 08:15 AM Link
Sometimes it’s hard to shut out the world to focus on your writing. Here are some tips to help you. #WriterUnboxed
1st of October 2018 01:15 PM Link
So true
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Austin Mystery Writers

MysteryPeople Interviews Helen Currie Foster

AMW member Helen Currie Foster was interviewed for the MysteryPeople blog by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery. Helen is the author of the  Alice MacDonald Greer mystery series: GHOST CAVE, GHOST DOG, GHOST LETTER, GHOST DAGGER, and THE GHOST NEXT DOOR. Midwest Book Review calls the Alice MacDonald Greer mysteries a “simply outstanding mystery series.” […]






Writer Unboxed

But How Much Are You Reading?

But How Much Are You Reading?

Listening Up For me, it’s always a kind of relief to write a piece for Writer Unboxed. That’s because you, Unboxed one, are among the most consistent elements of publishing. Writers tend to work through the upheavals of the industry by focusing ever more intently on writing. This actually is not the pathway taken by […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:


Lou Berney has created a stand out mix of genres in his latest, November Road. The story deals with two people who meet on the road after the Kennedy assassination. Charlotte Roy, a housewife leaving her alcoholic husband, and Frank Guidry, a New Orleans  mobster who realizes he played a part in the murder and […]





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