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Austin Mystery Writers

Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse

      Interview for Day of the Dark   Are you excited about the upcoming eclipse on August 21rst? Well you aren’t the only one. And Austin Mystery Writer members, Kathy Waller and Laura Oles, contributed stories to an anthology titled, Day of the Dark. Every story takes place during the eclipse. The idea […]




Writer Unboxed

The Trouble With Action

The Trouble With Action

I don’t like action scenes. There, I said it. Feels good to get that off of my chest. I’m referring to the ones in books. I mean, I just caught the last episode of Game of Thrones on HBO, and WHOA! Now that was some awesome action. So I suppose action scenes in movies and […]



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Mystery People:

The Hard Word Book Club Pulls Another Score With Parker

The Hard Word Book Club meets the last Wednesday of each month to discuss the best of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. On Wednesday, August 30, at 7 PM, the Hard Word Book  Club will meet on BookPeople’s third floor to discuss Comeback by Richard Stark.  Post by Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery The August 30th discussion […]


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20th of August 2017 09:45 PM Link
Another freebie! I snagged my copy. Happy know it's good.
19th of August 2017 10:10 AM Link
I just got my copy, it's free today!
Message image
16th of August 2017 09:43 PM
That round of rewrites done! It was more work than I thought it would be, changing from 3rd person to first. But it's done! Tonight I celebrate and tomorrow I'll print it out to read again and make more changes.
16th of August 2017 07:34 PM
Back to work. I'm gonna get these rewrites done today if I have to stay up to the early morning hours. *determination!*
16th of August 2017 04:51 PM Link
It's so sad when you cut out a good action scene. But the physics of it were bothering me. So I asked someone who's fought a lot of wildfires and he said that there was no way that would work.
So I came up with a good solution and cut about 8 pages. I feel better about it.
Too bad, bc it was dramatic.
*cue dramatic music* duh duh DUH!
16th of August 2017 11:53 AM Link
Why brand is important and how to do it.
15th of August 2017 03:04 PM Link
Arrival was pretty good. I like where they went with it. 3/5
14th of August 2017 05:37 PM Link
Here's a sneak peek of the debut novel coming out this Fall, written by Laura Oles. I know it's good because I've read some of it. That girl has worked HARD to get this good book out there. I'm so excited for her! Published by Red Adept Publishing.
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13th of August 2017 09:31 PM Link
Why do I always carry books in my car? I sold a copy of our Murder On Wheels anthology. Bam!
12th of August 2017 07:45 PM Link
One anthology full of eclipse stories! I interview some of the writers.




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