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Never Mind the Villain! Dorothy Sayers and Point of View – by Helen Currie Foster

AMW member Helen Currie Foster discusses how Dorothy L. Sayers handled point of view in her Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries in NEVER MIND THE VILLAIN!: DOROTHY SAYERS AND POINT OF VIEW at Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Click on the link and read her analysis–which is both informative and entertaining.      






Writer Unboxed

Am I a Real Writer?

Am I a Real Writer?

So here’s the thing: I’m not writing fiction right now. I haven’t written fiction for a solid 18 months, maybe longer. My last novel was published in 2013, the culmination of a writing streak that produced three novels in five years, all of which were agonized over and rewritten and edited and re-edited and shopped […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:

Manning Wolfe on Lawyers, Sex & Golf

Local author Manning Wolfe joins us Sunday, June 24th, at 2pm to talk with Jay Brandon and our Crime Fiction Coordinator Scott Montgomery about legal thrillers. She wrote a post for us about how her book, Green Fees, came to be. A few years ago, I read an article about naked women on a golf course serving […]


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21st of June 2018 12:47 AM Link
Another fun scare. Mostly predictable but a few surprises. And Robert Taylor! 2.5/5
19th of June 2018 06:00 PM Link
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19th of June 2018 05:57 PM Link
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19th of June 2018 09:18 AM Link
3.5/5 Much better than I thought it’d be. A fun and creepy scare.
18th of June 2018 10:36 PM Link
A crime novel from every country at the World Cup? Okay.
18th of June 2018 10:30 PM
Worked really hard today. The end of this round of edits in sight.
18th of June 2018 04:11 PM
Good news and bad news. Munching on potato chips helps me concentrate on my writing.
18th of June 2018 01:39 PM Link
3/5 I finally watched this and I’m glad I did. A lot of people complained about how dark it was and they didn’t like the conflict between the two. But I think it’s canon, at least with the things I’ve seen. I was happily surprised to see Wonder Woman. I forgot she was in it. I’m also glad I had seen WW before this.
As usual, my main complaint is that the superheroes don’t talk to each other. So much fighting could be avoided if they’d just talk first. LoL
15th of June 2018 11:04 PM Link
13th of June 2018 05:22 PM Link
Yes, I don’t like my coffee dark.
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