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23rd of June 2019 10:46 AM Link
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22nd of June 2019 12:16 PM Link
This was so much fun. The very last scene gave me quite a laugh. 9/10
Check out “Murder Mystery” on Netflix
18th of June 2019 09:29 PM Link
I saw my mug and my name on the big screen! I got to be an extra in Writer's Block!
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18th of June 2019 12:07 AM Link
17th of June 2019 01:05 AM Link
I’ve watched the first 3 episodes. So far interesting.
Check out “Black Spot” on Netflix
15th of June 2019 05:53 PM
Time to get some work done. 🤪
14th of June 2019 05:19 PM Link
Today's history lesson. (Double checking research)
12th of June 2019 12:19 PM Link
11th of June 2019 11:10 AM Link
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11th of June 2019 07:29 AM Link



I’m a contributor at Austin Mystery Writers and I work behind the scenes at Writer Unboxed.



Austin Mystery Writers

Shattering a Vase

  …it was like taking a vase and setting it down so hard it shatters… ~  Tracy Chevalier When I taught secondary English, grading essays was my least favorite task. I was happy to read them, but assigning letter grades? I hated that. I hated judging. I hated trying to determine the difference between a B and […]






Writer Unboxed

My Garden Summer: Books to Blooms

My Garden Summer: Books to Blooms

This is my garden summer. If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you will quickly see that my posts have become progressively more vegetable and flower filled. In fact, that’s where I was just before sitting down to write this column: out in my garden, procrastinating with a hose and trowel under the auspice of […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:


James Ellroy never does anything half way. He plunges you into the dark American soul to its twilight depths, reader be damned. At times his books can be disorienting, but they are never boring. No modern writer is ambitious as him. He puts all the chips in on his latest, This Storm, both a sequel […]




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