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Bad Men, Lawless, and BSP

Laura Oles celebrates doubly this month–today her debut novel, DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN, was released by Red Adept Publishing, just a week after Austin Mystery Writers’ LONE STAR LAWLESS, in which Laura’s story “Carry On Only” appears, was released by Wildside Press. Here’s what I posted about these publications at Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Laura […]




Writer Unboxed

Passive Aggressive Christmas Gifts for Writers

Passive Aggressive Christmas Gifts for Writers

Warning: Hacks for Hacks tips may have harmful side effects on your writing career, and should not be used by minors, adults, writers, poets, scribes, scriveners, journalists, or anybody. Writing has lots of rewards, most of which are worthless. You can’t pay rent with critical acclaim, nor will contributors’ copies finance your office-supply addiction. But […]



I follow Mystery People, my favortie store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening in the world of the mystery genre.

Mystery People:

Good Crime Fiction Collections, Good Causes

While shopping for your crime fiction fan for the holidays, or wrapping something for yourself, you may feel like giving to a good cause. These anthologies are packed with some of today’s best talent and support some fine causes. Protectors & Protectors 2 edited by Thomas Pluck In these two volumes are over 70 writers […]


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11th of December 2017 03:16 PM Link
I don’t usually like revenge movies, but this was good. 4/5
9th of December 2017 09:24 AM Link
Whether you’re a writer or not, this is a good post about facing fears.
6th of December 2017 09:09 AM Link
Bill Crider has given to the writing more than anyone I can think of. I was not surprised to see that he had been a teacher for many years. He has always been encouraging and kind. He wrote the review for Murder On Wheels that appeared in Mystery Scene magazine. It was so cool to be surprised that he took it upon himself to do that.
He is one cool dude who will be missed and it stinks that I won’t get to meet him in person.
I wish the possible best for him, his family, and his VBKs. (Cats) Thank you, Bill, for all you’ve done. You’ve touched more lives than you could possibly know. Thanks for giving Texans, teachers, writers, a good name. Your legacy will live on through your work and writers who encourage others.
4th of December 2017 10:43 AM Link
Better than I thought it would be. 3.5/5. And as always, I adore Domhnall Gleeson. He’s just as talented as his father.
1st of December 2017 10:00 PM Link
Big on atmosphere and the narration is poetic. But doesn't deliver as far as content. 2/5
1st of December 2017 11:18 AM Link
Meh. Good until the end. 2.5/5 Paper Towns
28th of November 2017 08:13 AM Link
Look what came in the mail!
Message image
24th of November 2017 10:53 PM Link
24th of November 2017 05:19 PM Link
Meh. So-so but has some good moments though. Judah Lewis stars in it and steals the show. I think we’ll be seeing him in a lot more movies. I have a major gripe but will post on comments. 2.5/5
22nd of November 2017 09:21 AM Link
Not sure what I think about this one. I think there are some plot holes. 2.5/5




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