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19th of August 2018 02:39 PM Link
Good grief! What an appropriate title. It was like watching a slow train wreck. I couldn’t stop watching 8/10
19th of August 2018 09:12 AM Link
This was good. 8/10 Beautiful animation. It wasn’t what I thought it was. But does a good job of explaining complicated feelings and complicated people.
18th of August 2018 10:01 AM Link
I’ve never been to such a library. Maybe some day.
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18th of August 2018 07:43 AM Link
Good movie. Events are shown out of sequence so that was a little confusing. I don’t know if that made it better or worse. Full of emotional intensity and suspense! I wish some of the characters had been flushed out a little more. Great cast. I’ll give it a 7.5/10
17th of August 2018 08:13 AM Link
I’m not saying this is me. Okay, it’s me.
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16th of August 2018 08:50 PM
Not working on the book today. A danged ol’ wasp stung my hand. Can’t get far by typing with one finger. 😜
16th of August 2018 06:25 PM Link
If you like understated humor and lots of blood, this is for you. I was giggling throughout the whole movie. A vampire movie with heart? I wish I had written it. 9/10
16th of August 2018 10:48 AM Link
I can see Clara Ann, a little girl in my story, playing with these. ❤️
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15th of August 2018 08:24 PM Link
Still as good as I remember. 8.5/10
15th of August 2018 05:38 PM Link
It's not good to get into the habit of writing while eating. But I swear, my brain works better when I'm eating crunchy things. But the old waistline doesn't like that. Chip, peanut M&Ms, not good. I tried carrot sticks and even jicama. Meh.
Right now my favorite is strawberry frosted shredded wheat, without milk.



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Austin Mystery Writers

AMW Books Nominated for Silver Falchion Readers’ Choice Award

Killer Nashville International Writers Conference has announced the slate of nominees for its Silver Falchion Readers’ Choice Award–and two books by AMW members are on it! Laura Oles’ DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN is nominated in the Best Thriller category.     * DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse, edited by Kaye George, is nominated […]






Writer Unboxed

The Every-Novel-Is-Wildly-Different Guide to Revision

The Every-Novel-Is-Wildly-Different Guide to Revision

Here’s a hard truth: Each novel teaches the writer how to write it. If you’re a parent, this might sound immediately, intuitively right. You can have a philosophy as a parent of one child but your second child can humble you very quickly. Smart parents know their children teach them how they need to be […]





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Mystery People:

Interview With Alison Gaylin

Alison Gaylin’s If I Die Tonight uses the thriller to examine how social media affects our lives. It shows different points of view when a teenager is sent into a coma from apparently stopping a car jacking involving a one hit wonder from the eighties, and how rumors moving at light speed effect the lives […]





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