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Austin Mystery Writers

Bad Men, Lawless, and BSP

Laura Oles celebrates doubly this month–today her debut novel, DAUGHTERS OF BAD MEN, was released by Red Adept Publishing, just a week after Austin Mystery Writers’ LONE STAR LAWLESS, in which Laura’s story “Carry On Only” appears, was released by Wildside Press. Here’s what I posted about these publications at Writing Wranglers and Warriors. Laura […]




Writer Unboxed

Tears on the Page—On Writing and Crying

Tears on the Page—On Writing and Crying

Yesterday morning I cried over a book’s ending. I’m talking wet cheeks, sobs that were more like gasps for breath, and needing to blow my nose. Crying ugly, as it’s aptly called. While that sinks in, let me assert that I consider myself fairly open online—particularly in this forum. Here among my fellow WU writers, […]



I follow Mystery People, my favortie store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening in the world of the mystery genre.

Mystery People:

Emma Flint Slays in Little Deaths

It took me a while to read Little Deaths by Emma Flint.  Perhaps because of the time period.  I don’t normally read books that aren’t set in the modern day unless they’re by Laura Lippman or Megan Abbott or other authors I trust frequently.  I am so disappointed—not in this book, which was absolutely stunning, […]


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15th of February 2018 07:41 PM Link
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12th of February 2018 08:54 PM
Well hell. Bill Crider has passed away. He was on hell of a good guy, always helping others. Glad he was able to make it to the last Bouchercon. I wish I could have met him in person. Texas has lost a son, a teacher, a writer, and a friend of thousands. God bless him. I’m sure he’s telling tales up there.
10th of February 2018 10:30 AM Link
I got my name in a publication! And I wasn’t arrested or nothing.
31st of January 2018 04:35 PM Link
Another great group of authors at Book People.
31st of January 2018 10:06 AM Link
25th of January 2018 05:02 PM
Happiness is changing into comfy clothes and settling in for the evening to watch movies and write.
25th of January 2018 02:29 PM Link
Good article by my friend Laura Oles.
24th of January 2018 02:14 PM Link
Spot on on every account.
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21st of January 2018 08:35 AM Link
Today is Writer Unboxed’s 12th anniversary. And they have a special present for some of you...
19th of January 2018 11:26 AM Link
I’m so sad to see this. He and his wife were so kind. My husband had met him at an electric cooperative convention. When he heard I was a writer, he gave my husband an autographed book and wished me well. I wish I could have met him.




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