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13th of December 2018 11:49 PM
Overheard my husband talking to his brother this evening. The subject of rattlesnakes and winter must have come up. Heard husband tell his brother that during one warm winter, when we lived out at the ranch, between the months of November and March I killed 52 rattlesnakes at one particular spot. They’d come out to sun in the afternoon. That was my afternoon activity, check the spot. They were coming out even when it was in the 50s.
Anyway, I had forgotten about that and when you read my book, you’ll know why snakes figure prominently. We always had to be on the alert for them.
9th of December 2018 12:15 PM Link
10/10 My gosh, I hope I can write something like this someday. Complicated characters in complicated circumstances. The best acting by Christian Bale I’ve ever seen. It lagged in a few places so I skipped forward a few times. Check out “Hostiles” on Netflix
7th of December 2018 07:09 PM Link
I like all of these things! All of them!
6th of December 2018 10:04 AM Link
4th of December 2018 09:33 AM Link
Pretty good 9/10 Check out “The Sinner” on Netflix
1st of December 2018 05:30 PM Link
Beautiful scenery and great actors. But it’s Z is for zzzzz. Some parts were good but moved way too slow. 4/10
30th of November 2018 09:37 PM Link
29th of November 2018 11:45 AM
I liked it 8/10
Although Glover doesn’t look like Williams, at times I was surprised by his excellent performance. While I expected it to be good, there were moments I felt like he was actually channeling Lando. It was so subtle that I couldn’t quite figure out what he did. Brilliant.
Loved seeing how Solo met Chewie. Good story. The big disappointment for me was Solo himself. Good acting but I’m not quite sure why they chose him. The only answer I have is his hair. I often had to remind myself that the guy was Han.
28th of November 2018 01:51 PM Link
Good review of David Corbett’s latest book.
27th of November 2018 11:01 PM Link
I tried. I watched the first 2 hours. Even dear Alexander couldn’t make me watch more. Too slow. 4/10



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Creativity’s Ebb and Flow: An Unexpected Journey

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First, if you don’t see a doctor. If there is any complaint about this author of exquisitely dark fiction that puts noir in a female perspective it’s that she doesn’t have as high an output as her contemporaries. If you need something to read between books or getting a gift for that Megan Abbott fan, […]





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