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Austin Mystery Writers


Today we get a look at the cover of DAY OF THE DARK, a crime fiction anthology edited by Kaye George and due out from Wildside Press on July 21. Laura Oles’ “Oceans Fifty” and M. K. Waller’s “I’ll Be a Sunbeam” are two of the twenty-four stories appearing there.   Posted by M. K. Waller




Writer Unboxed

Table Talk With Scott Turrow, Edan Lepucki and Jean Kwok

Table Talk With Scott Turrow, Edan Lepucki and Jean Kwok

A couple years ago in Tucson, I had the pleasure of sitting down to supper with a remarkable handful of author friends: Jean Kwok, Edan Lepucki, and Scott Turrow. We’d traveled across the miles for a book festival and had spent the day at our various speaking events. All were exhausted, slightly sweaty, and hungry, […]



I follow Mystery People, my favortie store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening in the world of the mystery genre.

Mystery People:

Go Down to the Basement: MysteryPeople Q&A with Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner comes to BookPeople to launch her latest on Monday, June 26, at 7 PM. She’ll be in conversation with Jeff Abbott. You can find copies of UNSUB on our shelves starting Monday, June 26th – one day before the official release date! Molly Odintz: You have a Hemingway-esque talent for communicating far more about your […]


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25th of June 2017 04:28 PM Link
19th of June 2017 08:38 AM Link
17th of June 2017 11:46 AM
*chop chop chop* Do you hear that? That's me cutting out the wasteful parts of my story. (Let's see if it makes it better. My gut tells me it will.)
16th of June 2017 11:00 AM
Watching season 2 of Hap and Leonard. It's so good!
12th of June 2017 12:05 PM
I get a lot more work done when I write before getting on Facebook. Duh! 😀
3rd of June 2017 05:25 PM
Okay. I bit the bullet and bought Scrivener. Let's see if it's as magical as everyone says.
1st of June 2017 07:49 AM Link
Great article on Writer Unboxed by Cara Black about writing villains!
24th of May 2017 08:16 AM Link
Three of my favorite authors who are whip-smart, nice, and fun! I wish I could be there this Saturday. Whether you're an author or a reader, this will be good. The panel in the afternoon should be entertaining. These folks have a lot of good stories.
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12th of May 2017 11:00 PM Link
I've mastered #3
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11th of May 2017 12:41 PM
Dammit! I was going to do something cool at the end of the chapter and now I forgot what it was while I was writing. *Write it down!*




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