Murder On Wheels – Rota Fortunae


Hear ye! Hear ye! Our anthology, Murder on Wheels by Austin Mystery Writers has arrived! It’s available on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.

My story is Rota Forunae. A boy from London, Tim, stows away on a merchant ship headed to Charleston. An exotic tattooed man is held prisoner in the hold. Everyone on the ship is terrified of the man and Tim wants to know why. He couldn’t possibly be more dangerous than the blood-thirsty captain or the first mate, could he?

I hope you like my story. Lots of good ones in there. We’ve got some notable authors and it was edited by the talented Ramona Long.

*And a little extra incentive to buy it- part of the proceeds will go to Meals On Wheels. MOW, see what we did there?  😉


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