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17th of June 2019 01:05 AM Link
I’ve watched the first 3 episodes. So far interesting.
Check out “Black Spot” on Netflix
15th of June 2019 05:53 PM
Time to get some work done. 🤪
14th of June 2019 05:19 PM Link
Today's history lesson. (Double checking research)
12th of June 2019 12:19 PM Link
11th of June 2019 11:10 AM Link
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11th of June 2019 07:29 AM Link
10th of June 2019 10:23 PM Link
A little blog post about the party.
10th of June 2019 10:35 AM Link
A sad day for Texas. RIP Bill Witliff. 😞
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10th of June 2019 12:13 AM
Next week I’ll be attending a movie premiere in Austin. I’m not sure what to wear. Because it’s Austin, I’m betting it will it’ll be somewhat casual.
Any ideas? Hit me with suggestions.
9th of June 2019 10:01 PM Link
I finally got to share my (unpublished) book, Gilt Ridden, with my book club friends. It was nice to be able to finally talk about the story I’ve been working on for so long! They gave me good feedback. We met at my house so of course I had to make it a gold, snakes, and Texas theme!



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Austin Mystery Writers

Shattering a Vase

  …it was like taking a vase and setting it down so hard it shatters… ~  Tracy Chevalier When I taught secondary English, grading essays was my least favorite task. I was happy to read them, but assigning letter grades? I hated that. I hated judging. I hated trying to determine the difference between a B and […]






Writer Unboxed

A Father’s Legacy

A Father’s Legacy

The past few weeks have been the perfect storm. It started with Memorial Day. Then came the D-Day commemorations, and a slew of articles and remembrances. Then came Fathers’ Day. My father didn’t participate in the D-Day invasion, but his unit—the 86th Infantry, known as the Black Hawks—was one of the few to see combat […]





I follow Mystery People, my favorite store within a book store, to keep up with what’s happening with my favorite genre.

Mystery People:


A few weeks ago David C. Taylor author of the Michael Cassidy series and Joan Moran, who made a crime fiction debut with The Accidental Cuban, came to BookPeople and talked with crime fiction coordinator Scott Montgomery about their books and use of settings. Taylor’s latest, Night Watch, takes place in fifties New York like […]




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